About Us
Transforming the way independent beauty consultants work so they can achieve their greatest goals.


Makk Chatt was a simple idea in March of 2017 and has grown into a large team. Over the course of 10 years with Direct Sales experience they discovered that the independent beauty consultant business could use some innovation. We welcome independent beauty consultants into this super easy mobile technology that will help build customer loyalty and provide a better customer experience. 


Our vision is to create digital tools that truly are easy and help independent consultants provide a better experience to their customers and team members while in the same breath provide a much greater Return on Investment to increase sales and profitability. It is our vision to bring technology to the forefront of the independent consultant industry as traditional marketing like SMS text messaging and post cards are no longer effective measures to reach the digitally "app-centric" demographic. 


In today's age, billion dollar corporations are going digital. From trendy websites that make it easier for you to buy the latest clothing to hotels and airlines having the easiest mobile apps to help you get from point A to C and the unique experiences in between. Makk Chatt will help you better serve your customers and team members as independent beauty consultants to help you reach your goals. 


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