Growth Marketing Intern

Location: Remote

Availability: Part-Time

Makk Chatt is seeking an ambitious and enthusiastic Growth Marketing Intern to lead growth marketing and conversion rate optimization for a new and exciting startup. In this cross-functional role, you’ll learn a lot and will have the chance to try new things on many different channels.


Who you are:

You are a proactive and talented person who has a passion for mobile apps, the beauty industry and online communities. You get excited about growth and changing the world with technology. You have a unique blend of creativity and analytical thinking.



    • The Social Media Intern will take charge of managing and elevating Makk Chatt's social media presence. This includes:

      ● Responding to messages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat

      ● Gauging audience receptivity and developing strategies for inspiring our followers and fans to connect and participate in our upcoming campaigns.

      ● Writing and posting effective, inspiring, and engaging daily content for all of Makk Chatt social media pages while keeping the voice of the Makk Chatt online personality.

      ● Developing and implementing campaign marketing on all social media platforms.

      ● Market research for development of posts, though some content vision will be provided.

      ● Engaging with relevant social media trends and popular platforms to expand and enrich Makk Chatts outreach.

      ● Creating a clear monthly Social Media calendar with the language for all social media platforms (FB, Twitter, and IG/Snapchat)

      ● Maintaining all Makk Chatt social media platforms, making sure each platform is up to date and interconnected.

      ● Developing and implementing a system where the Makk Chatt community can effectively share upcoming events, campaigns, and content to be featured on our social media pages.


    • Bachelor’s degree / Recent Grad

    • Experience in SEO, growth marketing, and conversion rate optimization preferred

    • Experienced marketer

    • Entrepreneurial mindset

    • Outstanding written, oral and organizational ability

    • Highly‐skilled and purposeful individual to serve 10‐20 hours per week as Social Media Intern.

    • The Social Media Intern should be proactive, committed, and enthusiastic.

    • Expert or very familiar with the MLM Beauty Industry.


Who we are:

Makk Chatt is the only tool beauty consultants need to increase customer loyalty...and so much more. We're making customer experience and personalization easier for Consultants to have deeper more meaningful relationships with their Customers and Team Members while increasing their profitability. 

Our offices...wait we have no offices. Most of us are based in the DFW Metroplex and love our warm weather. The preferred work location is either a home office or a really great café that serves even better coffee and is available for weekly meetings.


Our mentality is "Just Get the Job Done." Work your own hours but make sure the work is finished and is excellent.


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